11th Annual ‘Stories & Stones' event draws in thousands


MISSOULA, Mont. - Sunday afternoon in Missoula thousands of residents flocked to the old Missoula Cemetery for the 11th annual 'Stories & Stones' event.

Event organizers say the idea is to teach people about Missoula's history by making history come to life through the story telling of some individual's pasts. 

35 story tellers dress up as historically important Missoulian's and tell their tales to participants who walk from gravestone to gravestone.

For example this year Missoula historian Bob Brown told the tales of one of Missoula's founders, Christopher Higgins.

Missoula Cemetery director Doug Waters tells NBC Montana it's a great way to come out and learn more about our own past. 

"They allow us to and really let us understand how Missoula was made," says Waters.  "Where we come from and what it's about and it shares our history so we understand even more about ourselves."

Waters tells NBC Montana the event is a great way to show people that cemetery's aren't just for burying people but for understanding our own history.

For more information about the annual event, click here.

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