'Young Vader' spends time with family in Whitefish


'Young Vader' spends time with family in Whitefish 07-17-2013

WHITEFISH, Mont. - The little boy behind the Darth Vader mask, Max Page, is feeling healthier than ever before. Why? Because he's a year out of his 8th surgery to fix a heart defect he's had since he was born.

"I healed up great," said Max. "It's just awesome that I healed up so well. The doctors did an amazing job, I'm lucky."

Max is also a junior ambassador to Children's Hospital of LA.

"I can give medicine to kids and I'm just excited that I can help kids," Max explained.

He recently stopped in Washington, D.C., to lobby for children's hospitals.

"What we have as our mission is to make sure those hospitals are always ready for all children across the country," said Max's mom, Jennifer Alderson Page.

Time spent with family, especially in Montana, is precious to the Pages. His mother is happy Max is healthy and able to get out and be active with brother Ells.

"To play two rounds of golf and take a lesson with my teacher growing up has just been... to share this with my son is just magical," said Alderson Page.

"I'm just really excited that I can be with my grandparents and hang out with them," Max said.

The future for Max is bright -- be sure to keep an eye out for him in a few upcoming commercials. He's also keeping his fingers crossed, and hopes 'The Force' will be on his side, for his first ever movie role.

"If you use your force and dream big, you can achieve anything," Max said proudly.

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