Young motocross racers riding for fun


Young motocross racers riding for fun

KALISPELL, Mont. - It's loud, fast, and fun.

Dairyland park in Kalispell hosted the 6th race of the Montana state circuit today, where riders of all ages came out to race, and while points and trophies are on the line, some just like to ride.

"He likes to win, but I think he just likes to dirt bike," said Jeff Cate, who's a parent of a young motocross rider.

Cate's son, Colt, is a rider in the 50 liquid cool series, and says he's glad his son is racing.

"Yeah he enjoys it," said Cate.  "I'd rather have him here racing than out there in the streets, especially when he gets older and in trouble and this really gets him focused on something."

Cate says that they may spend upwards of a thousand dollars a month on all the equipment and travel expenses for the kids.

Latigo St. Marie, who's son also races, says it's safety first for these kids.

"The biggest responsibility is safety," St. Marie said.  "It's one thing to pay to go to the races, it's another thing to get them in the proper gear."

While the young riders know they have a long way to go before they can race like the pros, they all seemed to have a lot of fun out on the track, win or lose.

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