Woman unexpectedly gives birth on transit bus


Woman unexpectedly gives birth on transit bus

KALISPELL, Mont. - Every mom has a story about the day her baby was born, but not every mom can say her baby came into the world on a bus.

Thanks to the help of strangers, it's a story almost everyone involved wanted to share with NBC Montana.

The Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes bus driver, Anthony Plant, has been driving buses for 12 years. He will never forget what happened this week.

"I went to pick up my passenger and she's standing by the door and she said she wasn't feeling good. She had tears in her eyes," Plant said.

But that wasn't all.

"Then she got on the bus and said ‘my water broke' and I jumped out of the bus and went to look for help," said Plant.

The woman, Sharon Buckskin, started having contractions early in the morning. That's when she knew she needed to get to the hospital, so she hopped on the bus.

Plant alerted CSKT dispatchers because he didn't know what to do. That's when the dispatcher called 9-1-1.

"He was hysterical. So I called and had them dispatch an ambulance up there and not even 10 minutes later [Plant] got on the radio and said they had a baby boy," CSKT dispatcher Leroy Black said.

Bystanders saw the bus and the bus driver looking for help. They immediately grabbed towels from their homes and got on the bus to help with the delivery.

"She's lucky people were there, and if it was my daughter I would want people to be there for her," Dana Hewankorn said.

NBC Montana met Sharon Buckskin in the hospital, where she was recovering. She says the moment happened so quickly and she never thought it could happen to her.

"I always had fast labors and this is my fourth child and the fastest that it had ever happened," Buckskin said.

But, she can't imagine it happening any other way.

"I'm glad that it happened this way, because it's his story," said Buckskin.

For Plant, it's a story he will never forget. 

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