Winter Conditions Limit Access to Logan Pass on the east side of park


WEST GLACIER, Mont. - Recent winter weather conditions in Glacier National Park have limited motorized vehicle access to Logan Pass on the east side of the park. Due to icy road conditions, vehicle traffic is only allowed on the Going-to-the-Sun Road on the east side from St. Mary to the Jackson Glacier Overlook. It is anticipated the road will be open to Logan Pass on the east side once temperatures increase and road conditions change.

The recent storm dumped 14 inches of snow at the Logan Pass Visitor Center Parking Lot. Continued low temperatures have allowed ice to build and remain on the Going-to-the-Sun Road at higher elevations.

The west side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road is open to Avalanche Creek and the remainder of the road is closed to vehicles for accelerated rehabilitation work on the road. Hiker-biker access on the west side is open and unlimited this weekend. Some of the asphalt on the road above the Avalanche Creek area has been removed, so hikers and bikers should use caution as those sections of the road have been milled and there is loose gravel.

The last day to access Logan Pass for the season from the east side is Sunday, October 14, but that could change depending on the weather.

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