Wildfire season will vary across Montana


KALISPELL, Mont. - Fire officials are telling us tonight that different regions of Montana will have varying wildfire seasons this year.

Hot and dry weather means fire fighters are keeping a close eye on conditions, but turns out, some areas in the state are in for a worse time this year than others.

We found out recent rain is expected to keep the season in check in Northwest and Western Montana, but we found a different story in Southwest Montana.

We've already covered brush fires in that area, and hot weather means more is on the way.

Rick Moore is a service forester with the department of natural resources and conservation. 

He told us to remember everything is just a prediction, as changing weather patterns affect the season.

"The latest fuel moisture data and expected weather this week support a delayed start in Northwest Montana and North Idaho panhandle," said Moore.  "We've had enough moisture as of late that we will have a delayed fire season.  We will still have one it will just be delayed."

Moore also said they rely on weather information and statistics from previous years to make their projections.  

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