Whitefish memorial to be completed by next year


Whitefish memorial to be completed by next year 08-15-13

KALISPELL, Mont. - The Whitefish Fire Department is one of 1,200 recipients out of 90,000 applicants to receive pieces of steel from the World Trade Center that was attacked on September 11, 2001.

"It's very important to us that we never forget their sacrifice," said Whitefish Fire Chief Tom Kennelly.

Kennelly say's it taken some time to get the project going, but he doesn't want to rush it.  He wants to make sure it's done right, to remember those who died.

Right now they're in the final stages of the planning process. Once the design is set, they'll begin looking at fundraising; all of which will be done on their own.

"There won't be any taxpayer money utilized to erect this memorial.  We hope to raise enough money to have the funding for a continuing fund for operations and maintenance of the memorial."

Kennelly says they'll put the memorial right out front of the Whitefish Emergency Services Center, so people can come and reflect on the events of September 11th.

Kennelly isn't the only one who's excited to get the memorial up. Firefighters we spoke with at the station say they're honored to be a part of something this special.

"It's a daily reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that these firefighters did for the community."

Kennelly hopes to have the project completed by September 11, 2014.

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