Website name causes stir over city airport vote


Website name causes stir over city airport vote

KALISPELL, Mont. - A website name has some expansion opponents crying foul. Quiet Skies of Kalispell is hoping to repeal the expansion of the city airport, a ballot issue on the upcoming Kalispell city election.

"We're saying it's just a bad location, and it's just not good for the residents of Kalispell," said Scott Davis, spokesman for Quiet Skies. 

But the website kalispellquietskies.com doesn't promote Davis' point of view.

"I Googled 'Kalispell Quiet Skies' and for sure enough it sent it over to 'Save Your Airport,'" said Davis. That's the group fighting against Quiet Skies and for expanding the airport.

We went to check for ourselves, and just like Davis said, the website talks about voting against the repeal and moving forward with the project.

Under contacts on the website, there is an email and a phone number. That phone number matches the one that is on another website called Save Your Airport.

So why buy a website with your opponent's name? "Being that we're in the internet age, people like to search by keywords," said Scott Richardson, the domain name owner.  "Kalispell Quiet Skies is a great keyword."

Richardson is a member of Save Your Airport. He says he bought the website not to deceive or mislead, but instead to inform.

"Provide them with an alternate way to look at a problem people have had for a number of years and to provide some facts in a way that we can address those issues," he said.

When we asked Davis what he thought of the website name and if Quiet Skies was going to do anything about it, he gave us a simple answer. "You won't be seeing us do that," he said.

The Save Your Airport group has filed as a ballot issue committee with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

We read the most recent fundraising reports. So far they've raised close to $12,000.

Quiet Skies is not listed as a ballot issue committee, but another group called Repeal the City Airport Expansion has raised over $3,500.

You can see the forms if you click on the links in our related content section.

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