Unplowed Lakeside road causes concern for school officials


Lakeside road concerning school officials

KALISPELL, Mont. - A road used by many Lakeside students is being questioned by school officials after learning the road isn't plowed by the county.

While the community of Lakeside may be small, the concerns that school officials have are not. Every day students in Lakeside walk up and down Adams Street to get to school. Sam Bagely worries about that.

"Kids walk down this road every morning to get to the school, or go to the school to catch a bus to one of our other schools, and our concern is the road is unsafe," said Bagley, a school board trustee.

Adams Street is a small stretch of road that's on a hill right above the Lakeside Elementary school.

The road was identified by the Safe Routes to School program, which shows which roads are popularly used by students in Montana communities.

School District Superintendent Paul Jenkins says the road has become unsafe at times for students because it isn't being plowed. Jenkins says that's due to a housing project that never came to fruition.

"Because of the housing development up there, before it went belly up, the owner of the development agreed to take care of that, maintain it," said Jenkins.

After the development was gone, residential houses began building on the road.

It eventually became a county road, but due to the prior agreement, it remained off of the county's plowing route.

Jenkins is hopeful that they'll be able to work with the county on fixing the problem.

"We'd like to work with the county commissioners to take a look at the policy that's presently in place.  It was put in place in 1983 and see if something that can be done to change that policy to make exceptions so this can be addressed."

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