Unemployment up in Flathead County


KALISPELL, Mont. - Unemployment went up in Flathead County by .1 percent in December. That number may not sound like a lot on paper, but when it comes to jobs, even a small change like that can be tough to hear for someone out of work.

Some folks in the Flathead started getting optimistic in parts of last year, when unemployment started creeping down. In September, it was the lowest it had been in more than three years. Now, it's up to 9.1 percent. Experts say the job market in Northwest Montana has been tough, partly since the construction industry started slowing down.

On Monday, NBC Montana caught up with a homeless man, an auto-body repairman by trade, who has been unable to find a job.

"I like to work, you know, all of us here, we do like to work. We talk about it constantly," said Bruce Wagner, speaking outside of the Samaritan House in Kalispell.

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