Troy Mine lays off miners, surface workers


Troy Mine lays off miners, surface workers 05-24-2013

TROY, Mont. - There are "Thank You - Revett Minerals, Troy Mine, Inc." signs that dot storefronts all along Missoula Avenue in Troy.

"The mine obviously supports  the town and everyone here is very supportive of the mine," said Chris Hermes of Kootenai Drug.

But this week, the signs are almost difficult to look at - the Troy Mine laid off 100 workers on Wednesday and Thursday. Nearly everyone in town knows someone directly affected by the layoffs.

"It affects the whole community," said Darren Coldwell of Booze 'N Bait, "everybody is intertwined by basically the workers at the mine."

Brandee Welcome of Odie's Big Sky Cafe said a lot of miners frequent the restaurant, bringing them steady business.

"We just started doing good in the community, started coming back." Welcome explained. "Now we're not. I fear for our town."

Coldwell agreed, the layoffs are a trickle-down effect.

"We've been through it before but this time it seems a little more scary because there's no one else to pick up the slack," said Coldwell.

The mine's had it's ups and downs - folks there are used to it - so they're staying optimistic.

"It's really going to hurt for the summer months for them," said Hermes. "I hope they get back up and are able to rehire them, that's the goal."

Still, the uncertainty looms for Troy and whether or not the "Thank You" signs disappear from shop windows.

"If they can't do something with the mine then I fear we'll become a ghost town," said Welcome.

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