Tow trucks keep busy during this winter storm


KALISPELL, Mont. - Emergency crews, Montana highway patrollers, Sheriff's deputies have taken hundreds of calls this weekend from stranded drivers. And when they get there, they usually call a tow.

We talked to a driver in Kalispell who tells us he helped pull out about 10 to 15 vehicles a day last week across the Flathead. He tells us at this point, he's seen almost everything.

"The weekends been very busy. We're handling the Triple A calls for Kalispell, Whitefish and Columbia Falls and some of the surrounding areas, so that's kept us busy. A lot of people stuck in ditches, a lot of frozen batteries, all the typical cold weather ailments that cars succumb to," said Dale Wochnick.

Tow truck drivers advise people to keep safety materials in their car while out in this weather. The things they suggest to have on you during winter months are: blankets, candles, extra water, cell phone charger and a shovel to dig your vehicle out.

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