Tommy Moe Race Series kicks off today


First race of the Tommy Moe Race Series starts today

WHITEFISH, Mont. - He struck gold decades ago.

"Tommy was a racer here back in the 70's and 80's,

But his namesake race lives on.

After he won the gold medal it was a way to honor him and give somebody for the kids to look up to, to aspire to," said Bill Kahle, Flathead Valley Ski Education President and Race Volunteer.  

Whitefish Mountain Resort has named a race series after local Olympic gold medalist Tommy Moe. Today was the first race of the series, starting with the big slalom.

"I like when you're at the starting gate and you're like, "okay, let's just do this, let's get this done. Let's do really well,"' said Bjorn Olson.

"When I finish, I like to know that I did as best as I could and that I had fun," said Stella Eddy.  

"When you pass the finish line and you're like, "Oh, I wonder what time I got and then the awards come and you get all excited,"' said Lucy Olson.

More than 65 kids competed today, from ages four to 12.

"I think I did really well, since this is my second year racings. So, yeah, I did pretty well for me," said Bjorn.  

Organizers say the Tommy Moe race series introduces the competitors to different styles of skiing, like slope style, banked slalom and dual slalom.

And the race is buzzing with one famous local slopestyle skier, who's about to make her debut at the Olympics.

"Maggie Voisin, I like her because she has really good sportsmanship no matter what," said Stella.  

Race volunteer Sharon Kahle sums up why she's there.

"The look on their faces when they cross that finish line. They raise their poles up in the air and they're very excited," said Sharon.

For more information about the races and what's coming up next check out Whitefish Mountain Resort's website. 

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