Small power outages affect over a thousand


KALISPELL, Mont. - Flathead Electric Co-Op officials tell us the power's been restored to all their customers after hours in the dark and cold.  

It was in the single digits just before 10 this morning when the power went out in the Haywire Gulch neighborhood in Kalispell, just one of a few small outages around the Flathead.

The outages occurred last night affecting 1,135 members today, and again today affecting around 100 members for a short time.

There was also an outage lasting less then an hour in the Haywire Gulch neighborhood west of Kalispell. NBC Montana caught up with the public relations officer at Flathead Electric Co-Op who filled us in on why they believe these outages occurred.

"We believe it was a situation of overload because when you have extreme weather, temperatures, people use a lot more power so that kind of over loaded the system and at that point Flathead Electric has to shift loads from other substations," said Wendy Ostrom-Price.

Ostrom-Price says we can expect this kind of outage more often as the temperatures continue to drop. If you want to check out where power outages have occurred in your area, check out Flathead Electric Company's website.

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