Search & rescue teams look for missing kayaker


KALISPELL, Mont. - Flathead County Sheriff's Office Deputies and members of search and rescue crews are looking for a 65-year-old Kalispell man whose kayak was found overturned on the Flathead River.

The subject had reportedly gone duck hunting Monday morning. His kayak was found that afternoon near the Sportsman's Bridge on Highway 82 and his car was parked at the Sportsman's fishing access.

A search and rescue operation is multi-faceted, just like the search for the Kalispell man Monday and Tuesday.

"We have people searching the shores, we have people in the water, boats," said Michelle McMillan. "We all work together as one team."

After attempts to locate the man fell short Monday morning, water teams started their search early Tuesday morning. NBC Montana was on a canine boat with McMillan and her dog, Quinn, who tried to pick up on the scent of the hunter.

"If there's a vehicle, a boat, whatever it is that was the last known spot, I will have my dog go ahead and do a brief check of it," said McMillan.

Quinn's nose is sensitive, and can pick up what we can't see or smell.

"Their sense of smell can locate objects underneath the water hundreds of feet down," McMillan explained.

Another search aspect is sonar capability -- the sheriff's boat scanned the river bottom for anything that looked unusual. Around 2:15 p.m., a dive team went out with that boat to check on those unusual spots.

Crews continued their efforts with sonar until dusk. Search efforts will continue Wednesday morning.

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