Saverud Paint Shop says 'Goodbye' to Kalispell


KALISPELL, Mont. - A chapter in Kalispell's history is ending in just a few weeks as Saverud Paint Shop announced they're going out of business. Saverud Paint has been serving folks in the Flathead for 90 years. The building at 315 First Avenue East was moved from the original townsite in Demarsville in 1923.

Current manager Dale Saverud says its difficult to close the Shop, but with parking issues and a lack in construction jobs over the last few years, it had to be done. Still, Saverud said he'll miss the relationships he developed with his customers.

"I know the store's left a legacy behind for all the years its been here and with the painting crew we had for many years," said Saverud. "We have our mark on many buildings - from most of the lodges in Glacier Park through most of the homes in
Kalispell, [they've] been touched by Saverud Paint Shop at some point."

Dale tells us retirement means enjoying summer and exploring Montana with his wife. The Saverud's look to close the shop doors towards the end of April.

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