Road repair begins in Flathead


Road repair begins in Flathead

KALISPELL, Mont. - Warm weather in the Flathead has road crews beginning to fix potholes.

Officials blame the harsh winter for a lot of cleanup and road repair.

Flathead County Public Works Director David Prunty says this year's winter has done a good amount of damage to Flathead roads.

"Last year felt like no winter, so if we compare this year to last year, (there was a) dramatic increase in the amount of work we did through the winter time, both sanding and plowing and then also now in the cleanup," said Prunty.

The road budget in Flathead County is just over $7 million for the year. Around $800,000 of that goes toward winter road maintenance. While plows and sanders were out quite a bit this past season, the road department still had close to $200,000 in that budget at the end of February.

"Our winter time numbers certainly increased from last year's amount of work, but we didn't exceed what I had in the winter maintenance budget, so we're not going into a deficit in that area," Prunty said.

Now, the road department is entering a new season. They'll clean up roads from winter debris. They'll begin to dig up roads to fix potholes and bumps.

"Our sweepers go out this time of the year and get off all of the sanding material, the sand and the dust.  Try and clean that up so we can get that stuff ready to go as we get into the summer time period here," said Prunty.

As the snow continues to melt and temperatures steadily stay above freezing, Prunty says more road work in the Flathead is expected over the next few weeks.

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