Residents, officials discuss parking district near Flathead HS


KALISPELL, Mont. - A small committee of concerned residents met with Kalispell city officials to explore the option of a residential parking district near Flathead High School Wednesday. Neighbors have expressed issues with parking, trash, and drug use ever since a survey was released this spring.

Senior Planner Kevin LeClair touched upon the districts, which would determine who could park where and when.

"San Francisco allows carpools and van pools because they're reducing the single occupancy vehicles," LeClair explained of other city's plans.

"[School] District 5 has some options. Doesn't have a lot of options, some of them aren't good," said Planning Director Tom Jentz. "That's where we're going to get this pinch point of how do we keep everyone happy?"

Nothing is set in stone just yet - LeClair stressed that neighbors should be doing their research, looking at what other cities have done to combat parking, and come back to the table with more questions in their next session.

"We've got a lot of homework," said neighbor Karlene Orsorio-Kohr. "I think they're going to bring things not just necessarily what they've handed out to us - I fully expect them to bring things that they've researched and bring this to the table."

The sub-committee plans to meet in another two weeks to further discuss the matter.

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