Rescue ranch helps homeless animals


Rescue ranch helps homeless animals

MARION, Mont. - West of Kalispell, in Marion, is the location of the only rescue ranch in the Flathead -- All Mosta Ranch.

The nonprofit group takes in a wide variety of animals when they have no place else to go.

Just a few weeks ago, owner Kate Borton took in some animals from a petting zoo in Evergreen that was forced to close down, but she says that supplies for their own animals are running out.

"We need hay, and we need funds to buy hay and grain," said Borton.  "I have maintenance care that needs to be taken care of soon and we don't have the funds for it."

The ranch relies solely on donations, so if they were to run out of funds for the animals, they have no idea where they would end up.

"It would kill me to do it, but they may have to go to auction, and that would be a very sad thing," said Borton.

Donations they're getting right now are crucial, because they won't be able to operate with the minimal funding they're currently getting.

"Our donations are being depleted and if it keeps going like this we won't be able to continue and this place will be nonexistent."

Although economic times may be tough, Borton promises that she'll find a way to care for the animals.

"If it's a serious emergency situation, it doesn't matter, I'll find room; I'll find some way of dealing.  I won't let an animal starve."

If you'd like to help out or donate to All Mosta Ranch, you can visit their website at allmostaranch.org or you can send donations to All Mosta Ranch Montana at P.O. Box  937, Marion, MT 59925.  You can also call Kate at All Mosta Ranch at (406) 270-7513.

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