Rendezvous Days tradition carries on in Eureka


EUREKA, Mont. - Visitors to the Tobacco Valley this weekend have been greeted by the sights and sounds of Eureka's Rendezvous Days. Organizers said the tradition started 35 years ago during the early spring months of February and March. The logging community was on a "spring break," and the event was a way to get together and hang out during their time off.

Today it's grown into a much larger event, featuring a flea market, antique car show, live music, and a rodeo.

"It's such a great place to showcase Eureka as a community," said Tracy McIntire. "It's a beautiful area to live and it's a beautiful area to work in. From an economic development standpoint, I'm just excited to see us all coming together, working together. It provides that positive outlook. We're growing and we're doing good."

Rendezvous Days continue Sunday at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds.

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