Rebecca Farm draws in professional athletes, Olympic hopefuls


Rebecca Farm draws in professional athletes, Olympic hopefuls

KALISPELL, Mont. - The Event at Rebecca Farm draws in a large pool of athletes every year, and that talent could soon be making headlines as future Olympians.

Two of Hawley Bennett's riders, Katy Grosebeck and Emilee Libby are currently topping the charts at Rebecca Farm. The Canadian Olympic equestrian said The Event is the perfect venue for students to meet and learn from other greats in the sport of eventing.

"We have Phillip Dutton, Kristi Nunnink," said Bennett. "So many up and coming good, young riders."

Martha McDowell of Billings feels the same way - she said Rebecca Farm has become a hot bed of talent for the new generation of riders.

"It says a lot to be able to attract those people out here," said McDowell.

Bennett and McDowell credit the Broussard family for making The Event one of the largest competitions in the country, drawing in 20,000 spectators and over 450 athletes.

"This event next year will actually play a big role in world championships," explained Bennett. "And the following year for Rio, for the Olympics."

Olympic gold may be a few years away, but Bennett's riders are saddling up now to prepeare for their future in eventing.

"They're all talented, it gives me goosebumps! It's a little bit of luck with it, too but if they all work their butts off there's no reason they shouldn't go represent the USA," Bennett explained.

"I think it raises the bar for themselves and what they look for to accomplish," said McDowell. "Watching those great three star riders ride cross-country, they're up close and personal. It makes a difference for sure."

Show jumping rounds out the triathlon at The Event on Sunday.

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