Prayer shawl project grabs attention in Flathead


BIGFORK, Mont. -

A group of women who got together to make prayer shawls in honor of the Newtown, Connecticut community appear to be starting a larger movement in the Flathead Valley. The women had planned on making the prayer shawls for folks in Newtown, Connecticut, but the community asked donors around the country to keep items in their own community in honor of loved ones from Sandy Hook. 

Now the group is planning on holding stitching events the first Friday of every month through March. The shawls will soon make their way to veteran's homes, assisted living centers and schools in the Flathead Valley.

NBC Montana found out that folks made roughly ten shawls at the event on Friday. People interested in getting involved can call Ginny Johnson at 837-3657 or Bonnie Hoffman at 837-6368.

"We've found that they bring peace and comfort and hope and the results are just unbelievable…They just give us blessings. It just comes back two fold, three fold," said Bigfork resident Bonnie Hoffman.

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