Possibility of downtown Kalispell cameras discussed



The board of the Kalispell Business Improvement District is discussing ways to reduce theft and vandalism in the area, and one of the topics that has come up is the possibility of surveillance cameras getting set up in the district. The Kalispell Business Improvement District consists of businesses that pay taxes that go to projects to enhance and support their area.

Vandals hit the downtown Kalispell area last summer, and broke windows, stole flowerpots and sprayed graffiti. One option discussed is utilizing surveillance systems already set up by downtown businesses. Kalispell police officers say they don't have enough manpower to keep an officer in the area.

Some Kalispell residents NBC Montana spoke with did not like the idea of new cameras downtown, while others said they could help keep downtown property safe from vandals.

Pam Carbonari, the District Coordinator or the Kalispell Businesses Improvement District, says the matter is in only in an exploratory discussion stage, and no equipment or costs have been ironed out. 

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