Pink Me Up raises breast cancer awareness


KALISPELL, Mont. - Flathead residents gathered at Kids Sports Park in Kalispell to bring awareness to reast cancer with a color run.

"Pink Me Up" featured pink colors for the 5K run that was put on by the Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

Over 1,400 area residents came out, young and old, for the event that helped benefit the Save a Sister fund, which benefits women who have been affected by breast cancer in the Flathead.

October is national breast cancer awareness month and while Melissa Hulvat says they were able to raise some money for the fight, the event itself was about having fun and helping raise awareness to a serious issue.

"We know that physical activity helps us reduce the risk of so many common diseases, and we have to remember that in October, breast cancer awareness month, one of them is breast cancer.  So we want people out here having fun and being active.  I think that that honors everyone who's been in the fight for breast cancer," said Hulvat.

Kalispell Regional Medical Center offers a variety of classes and activities for breast cancer survivors, including Moving On: Life After Breast Cancer-Nutrition, Weight Loss and Activity.  The class is Wednesday October 9th.  For more information on other classes and activities at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, you can visit their website at http://www.kalispellregional.org.

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