Pedal vs. Paddle Showdown postponed due to weather


WHITEFISH, Mont. - A test of endurance, speed, and a possible challenge to a world record was thwarted by bad weather Saturday afternoon. Greg Kolodziejzyk of Calgary and Carter Johnson of San Francisco headed to Whitefish Lake for the Pedal vs. Paddle Showdown. It's an attempt to see who could travel the most distance on water in 24 hours.

Both hold Guinness World Records - Kolodziejzyk in his pedal-powered boat, and Johnson in a kayak.

The pair started the competition around 8:35 am at opposite ends of the oval shaped course that spanned from Lazy Bay to Mackinaw Point. Around noon, the wind and waves picked up. Johnson felt he was at an advantage so the race was put to a halt.

"You put a lot of time into it and you're pretty ready and you're stoked to do it but on the same token I don't want to win unfairly," said Johnson. "I'm pretty sure the kayaking community would have called folly. They would have said you're out there surfing big waves."

Organizers say the Pedal vs. Paddle Showdown is rescheduled for this Wednesday, October 2.

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