Pedal v. Paddle Showdown resumes on Whitefish Lake


WHITEFISH, Mont. - In a battle of time and distance for a world record on Whitefish Lake, a kayaker proved victorious Friday evening. We told you last week how weather foiled plans for Calgary's Greg Kolodziejzyk and San Francisco's Carter Johnson to race against one another for 24 hours.

Kolodziejzyk, on his pedal-powered boat, and Johnson on his kayak gave it another go Friday, this time shortening the race to 12 hours. We're told the pair were neck and neck at times, but Johnson pulled ahead and paddled a whopping 83 miles by the end of the event.

"We did it head to head," said Johnson. "And you really get a good sense for what 30 seconds is when it comes down to the guy that's only 30 seconds behind or ahead of you. It was cool."

"You get a feel for what it takes to make up only 30 seconds... it's tough. It's really tough. It takes a lot out of you," said Kolodziejzyk.

Kolodziejzyk and Johnson tell NBC Montana they're too tired to get back on the water anytime soon, but there's a chance Whitefish Lake might see a rematch in 2014.

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