Park visitors look forward to opening of Going-to-the-Sun Road


Park visitors look forward to opening of Going-to-the-Sun Road

KALISPELL, Mont. - Glacier National Park officials say Going-to-the-Sun Road will be open for the holiday weekend.

The road is opening this year later than usual, which has some park visitors waiting around until they can drive over Logan Pass.

Right now, the Going-to-the-Sun Road isn't quite ready for the tens of thousands of visitors they see every year on opening day.

Crews are working to remove snow after running into a few road blocks, causing a later than average opening date for the road.

"Right now we've got everyone helping out in some way to get that road open and access to the higher alpine sections," said Glacier National Park Spokeswoman Denise Germann.

Germann says park officials are hopeful they can have the road open this weekend because it's a busy time with the holiday.

"The weather is a key factor in all of this, and we've definitely seen more visitations today, and I think with the weather that's predicted we'll see more folks coming into the park," Germann said.

The rest of the park is seeing sunny, clear skies and warm weather this week.

While visitors tell us they don't mind enjoying the rest of the beauty of Glacier National Park, what they're most excited for is the opening of the Going-to-the-Sun Road.

"We want to go up there.  Sometimes we take our skis up there and ski down the glaciers and have a good time," said Leon Syth of Phoenix, Arizona.

"We want to do High-Line or Hidden Lake, so we're just really thrilled to be able to get up there.  We're hoping that we'll be able to get up there because everyone tells us that Logan Pass is the best part of the park," Aaron Tsai of Minneapolis, Minnesota said.

It's a part of the park they're pushing to open as soon as possible.

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