Oldhorn allegedly violated probation by drinking alcohol


POLSON, Mont. - Probation staff have confirmed for NBC Montana that Clifford Oldhorn was arrested over the weekend because he allegedly drank alcohol, violating the terms of his probation. Oldhorn was released from jail just last Wednesday, to await a new trial in the death of Harold Mitchell Jr.

A judge ruled that his confession to investigators in 2008 was not a voluntary one, and he was released on his own recognizance. The Lake County Attorney's Office argued for Oldhorn's bond to be reset at $500,000, but a judge ordered him released on Wednesday, without any additional conditions beyond those set by his probation from past burglary and theft convictions, so Oldhorn was not outfitted with a GPS device. 

Probation staff tell NBC Montana they received a call at around 1:00 am Saturday, indicating that Oldhorn was under the influence of alcohol. Authorities arrested him in Dixon, and now he faces prison time if convicted of the violation. He allegedly had a BAC level of .138 at the time of his arrest. 

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