Officials identify body found in Glacier National Park


Officials indentify body found in Glacier National Park 03-14-13

KALISPELL, Mont. - At 10:15am Thursday, Flathead County authorities filed a report for a Kalispell woman who had gone missing. Around 11:45am, Glacier National Park rangers who patrolled an area around Lake McDonald Lodge discovered a vehicle belonging to the missing woman in question - 28 year old Amy Marie Reddig.

Crews from the park, Flathead County Search and Rescue, North Valley Search and Rescue, FEAR, and the Forest Service quickly began the search to find Reddig. Friends and family also gathered to help in search efforts.

"We start coordinating efforts with the park service in order to cover the ground as best as we can," said Flathead SAR Coordinator Brian Heino. "In this case we were looking at primary travel routes the water which is a huge danger and buildings. "

After a few hours of ground and aerial coverage, search and rescue officials spotted a body via helicopter.

"We have recovered a body in the vicinity of McDonald Creek near the head of Lake McDonald here at Glacier National Park," said Glacier's Denise Germann. "The coroner has made a positive ID of that body and it has been transported to a local funeral home."

The Flathead County Coroner identified the body as that of Amy Marie Reddig's. Meantime, search and rescue officials and the park thanked their crews for making a strong effort in the search.

"As with any incident in the park we appreciate the partnership that we have with local neighbors and partners," explained Germann. "They all came out today to find this young woman."

The cause of death is still under investigation and law enforcement is waiting for an official report from the coroner.

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