New tweaks, changes for Rebecca Farm cross-country course


KALISPELL, Mont. - Saddle up! The Event at Rebecca Farm is right around the corner, and athletes are preparing for one of the largest equestrian competitions in the country.

NBC Montana caught up with cross-country course designer and Olympic equestrian Ian Stark at the farm Wednesday afternoon. Stark took over design in 2012, completely changing up the course by having riders go clockwise around the 4 mile track to challenge riders and horses.

This year, Stark added a series of jumps in the northwest section of the farm that was flooded out last July. Stark said it's the first difficulty riders will meet.

"Get them galloping get them up in the air big and wide fences," explained Stark. "This one they have to think about not just speed and power, they want to think about control and balance and let the horse be athletic."

The Event at Rebecca Farm is free, with a $5 suggested parking donation. Events kick off Thursday with dressage, cross-country, and show jumping all weekend long.

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