New helicopter helps with Flathead search missions


KALISPELL, Mont. - In the Flathead, a new chopper will make search and rescue missions easier.

Former Flathead County Undersheriff Jordan White and his business partnered with the Flathead County Sheriff's office to bring in a new rescue chopper.

It took over a year to build and is equipped with advanced technology specifically designed for search and rescue.

Things like 3-D mapping, night-vision cameras, and a special rescue hoist are equipped on the helicopter.

"This helicopter is going to be a compliment to the resources that we already have working here," said White.  "People are really the nuts and bolts of what we do with our search and rescue teams and resources.  This is a tool that will get our folks to an injured or lost person much faster," White said.

The helicopter's crew includes pilots from Two Bear Air and specially trained members of the Flathead County Sheriff's Office who have spent the last month training on the helicopter.

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