Mountain biking growing in Flathead


Mountain biking growing in Flathead

KALISPELL, Mont. - Mountain biking season is in full swing in the Flathead.

Bikers from near and far are heading to Whitefish where a new system of trails is growing in popularity.

The Flathead is known for its outdoor recreation.

From Whitefish Mountain to Glacier National Park, there's plenty to do for adventurers.

But a new activity is becoming more popular in Whitefish.

One group says mountain biking is growing, as new trails add more miles on the Whitefish Trail.

"The trails are newly built and they're really done in a manner that they're just really fun to ride, they're fun to hike and they're just beautifully built to contour with the land and they're just well built trails," said Carla Belski of the Whitefish Legacy Partners.  They helped start the trail in 2010.

With over 20 miles of trails, the Whitefish Trail has something for everyone like the trails behind be over by Spencer Lake, there's trails for the first time riders and the expert mountain bikers.

Though the season is just beginning, mountain bikers are already enjoying these trails.

"The designs are actually a lot of fun to ride.  It's really a roller coaster sort of sensation and you're sort of ungelating in the woods and more of that vibe that it's the journey not the destination," said Tom Danley.

Riders tell me all ages can hit these trails, to enjoy the fun.

"there's vary ability levels for different ability levels for different trails from the free ride trails to the pig farm trails which are more cross country trails with some roots and some climbing and I just love going out.  It's a blast," said Erin Bodman.

The Whitefish Legacy Partners are hoping to build more trails to connect with their existing ones to give mountain bikers even more variety in trails.  To learn more about the Whitefish Legacy Partners, you can check out their website at www.whitefishlegacy.org.

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