More airports join in FAA lawsuit


KALISPELL, Mont. - NBC Montana told you Wednesday how the Flathead Municipal Airport Authority is suing the FAA over the closure of control towers to save money. Now, it looks as if four other airports have joined Glacier Park International Airport and the FMAA.

We pored over federal documents Thursday. All of the airports involved ask the FAA to review its March 22 decision to shut down certain towers. Those targeted failed to reach a certain threshold of passengers and flights.

The Glacier lawsuit outlined that having a tower adds a "layer of safety and confidence on a year round basis that's important to preserve."

A number of pilots though say GPI operated without a tower for 60 years before one was installed in 2001.

"People who flew in there before remember that," said Kalispell City Airport Manager Fred Leistiko. "It's a heavier workload on the pilot, its a little bit higher risk, but its something they're trained to do. Call in, talk to other pilots, report their position. go around, move, or jockey around because there's no controller on the ground telling you where to be or what to report."

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