Kalispell volunteer helps feed families impacted by Sandy



A Kalispell man is back home with family after feeding folks out east that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. 72-year old Lew Savik spent four days driving to Long Island, where he got right to work driving a food truck around flood-damaged neighborhoods.

Savik's truck served bout 300 meals a day. He says spending time with the families made the trip an emotional one.

"You got to know the personalities and the people's faces and they were so grateful and so thankful that you just couldn't help but be glad that you were there," said Savik.

Savik began volunteering with the Red Cross after his retirement. When recruiters called on him to ask if he was available to help out in New York, he initially declined so he could make his granddaughter's volleyball tournament, but he quickly changed his mind and called back. 

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