Kalispell teen leads in age group for Mack Days


KALISPELL, Mont. - The following release was sent out by 2014 Spring Mack Days.

2014 Spring Mack Days anglers have completed their sixth weekend of lake trout fishing with a total of 15,075 lake trout entries being turned in by 199 of the 760 registered lake trout anglers.

Danner Shima turned in a second large fish entry in the 2014 Spring Mack Days Fishing Event on Saturday April 19th.  It surpassed the weight of his first entry weighing in at 25.5lbs. and measuring 40.5".  Danner was fishing with his Dad Ryan, brother Austin, and grandfather Mike when he hooked onto the large fish.  Everyone was catching fish at the time-the lines were busy-and gave him a hard time about having to bring lines up just to go and get another fish weight taken.  It was all in fun and everyone was guessing the weight of the large lake thinking it was larger than the first large fish entry Danner had entered the previous week.  Mike and Austin caught some nice fish later in the day but they didn't measure or weigh enough to pass Danner's.  Winner of the large fish category receives a $500 prize.  Smallest lake entries are still held by a 191mm 7.5" entry from Chris Demmons of Missoula and 2nd place is a fish that measures 201mm 8" entered by Bob Stewart of Kalispell.  Winners of the two smallest lake trout entries each receive $250.

Danner Shima is leading the 13-17 category with 358, 2nd Garett Vaughan-Charlo-226, 3rd Roger Guillory-Kalispell-189, 4th Kobe Cox-Charlo-139, 5th Keaton Turner-Kalispell-82.  Matthew Guckenberg Jr. of Kalispell is leading in the 12 & under category with 89 followed by Abby Hodgson of Kalispell-47.

Family, fun, and fishing-come out and join in.  Fishing tips, maps, boat safety, weather, etc. can be found on the website along with lake trout fishing videos on trolling, jigging, and fishing from shore.

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