Kalispell man held by residents after police chase


Kalispell man held by residents after police chase 01-04-2013

EVERGREEN, Mont. - When Evergreen residents Amy Luis and Michael Stephens heard sirens outside their home, they opened up a police scanner app on Luis' iPhone.

"Anytime we hear anything going on on our road we turn it on just for the fear of my kids," explained Luis.

The Flathead County Sheriff's Office said it all started when 26 year old Kalispell resident Jordan Elliot wouldn't pull over. Elliot spun out at a nearby Evergreen gas station, slammed into a deputies' car, and then took off on foot.

"We kind of got nervous because of her daughters' in the bedroom closest to the road," said Stephens. "So I went outside to see if he got into our wood shed or anywhere around here."

As Stephens stepped out onto his porch, Elliot appeared from around the corner.

"I yelled 'Hey!' just to kind of distract him and thought it might slow him down enough that someone might catch him," said Stephens. "He started running and I t-boned him."

But Elliot got a hold of Stephens' flashlight and swung several times at his face. Luis soon came outside, armed and ready to protect Stephens.

"I told the guy to knock if off because I have a gun and I will shoot," said Luis. "He didn't stop so I took the barrel of the gun and rammed it into the guy's face."

Authorities arrived minutes later and took Elliot into custody. Though what Stephens and Luis did was potentially dangerous, they tell NBC Montana they're not taking any chances when it comes to crime in their neighborhood.

"The thought that went through my mind was what if he got into the house, what would he do," Stephens questioned. "Or, what if he got into someone else's house? I didn't want to let that happen."

The Sheriff's Office said they appreciate it whenever people help out law enforcement but also caution folks to assess any situation and rule out any danger before reacting. The Flathead County Attorney's Office is currently reviewing the case and charges are pending against Elliot.

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