Kalispell mail carrier hits milestone


Kalispell mail carrier hits milestone 09-17-13

KALISPELL, Mont. - Through rain, snow, sleet, or heat, the United States Post Office has been delivering mail since it was first created back in 1775.

But one Flathead mail carrier has been able to do so with a spotless safety record.

NBC Montana had the opportunity to talk with Postman Charlie Strong today, to find the secret to his success.

"It's the million mile club they call it," said Strong.

Over 30 years without getting in an accident.

Mail carrier Charlie Strong is being recognized by the National Safety Council for going accident free in one million miles of driving with the United States Postal Service.

Strong says a little bit of luck is to thank.

"I think with the training and the luck, I've made a million miles after 30 years," Strong said.

Strong was diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago, but fought back to work, and his route.

"If he didn't know about it, you'd of never known about it," said John Sistok.  Sistok is the customer service supervisor of the Kalispell post office.  He'll sing strong's praises all day.

"If we had an entire postal service with people like charlie, we'd be in really good shape," Sistok said.

We spoke with many of strong's co-workers, and all of them had nothing but nice things to say about his work ethic and the type of person he is.

"He's loyal and he's a professional," Sistok said.

When we asked Strong if he'll be looking to go another million miles, he wasn't quite up for the challenge.

"No, I think I'll put in about four more years and that'll be it," Strong said.

But Strong does tell us he hopes to keep the streak going as long as he can.

Strong credits his co-workers and his family for being able to keep a clean safety record for 32 years with the postal service.

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