Kalispell doctors use new heart monitoring technology


Kalispell Regional Medical Center makes new advances in heart monitoring

KALISPELL, Mont. - Kalispell Regional Medical Center is the first in the Pacific Northwest to use the latest creation in heart monitoring. The Food and Drug Administration approved it just two weeks ago.

Reveal LINQ is the latest device to track heart beats, and it is 90 percent smaller than the currently used device.  Doctors say it lasts longer and is more efficient too.

Doctor Ilyas Colombowala says times have changed.

"A new heart rhythm monitor that goes under the skin and allows us to monitor patients heart rythym for up to three years," says Colombowala.  

Doctors think it can help patients with different conditions.

"To monitor patients who have had unexplained fainting spells, unexplained strokes, palpatations or other heart rythym abnormalities," says Colombowala.

Doctors will use Reveal LINQ to monitor patients every day for three years. They tell us that will be huge in helping them make an exact diagnosis.

So far, with just two weeks on the market, experts say the only major complaint is the discomfort from a local anesthetic, which is similar to a dentist experience.

In the past couple of weeks, doctors at KRMC have inserted the Reveal LINQ in about 10 patients. The procedure takes about one and a half to two minutes.

"Much easier for this to be inserted under the skin. For patients, it's a much simpler procedure, effectively it's just an injected monitor, an injected device, whereas the previous device of this was a surgical procedure to implant," said Colombowala.  

Colombowala believes this is a great advance in medical technology.

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