Investigation into Kalispell stabbing underway



Flathead authorities are investigating a stabbing that happened early Saturday morning. Deputies say the incident occurred on Stillwater Loop in Kalispell, north of downtown.

Deputies say a 17-year old stabbed an 18-year old in the neck area with a pocketknife. NBC Montana is told that one person wanted the other out of the house, and a fight broke out.

Flathead deputies say the suspect was still on scene when they arrived to the house, and at least ten people were at the party when the alleged stabbing took place. Deputies say the victim suffered minor injuries, and authorities are looking into charges.

Meanwhile, residents were shocked to hear about the incident.

"I've been down this street plenty of times and there's nothing but quiet, good neighbors and everything's just been quiet actually, hearing that a stabbing happened is quite terrifying to be living in this neighborhood," said Jasmine Davis, who lives nearby. 

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