Hunters aim for big game opening weekend


Hunters aim for big game Saturday

KALISPELL, Mont. - Check stations across the state greeted happy hunters this weekend. Saturday may have been foggy, but it didn't deter hunters from getting out bright and early to score big game.

"We've had a pretty exciting morning so far, the fog began to lift and it's starting to warm up," said Wildlife Tech Jennifer Runnels.

FWP's techs tell us by early afternoon Saturday four bucks and one elk made it on their board.

"A lot of people are seeing animals out there. A lot of does and fawns. Should be a pretty good year," Runnels continued.

Tech Milan Vinks sad hunters are feeling chipper about the next few weeks out. He's also noticing a lot of kids heading out with their parents.

"That's a good thing, they're getting out," said Vinks.

Both agree that hunting season is a great time for families to learn about the area around them.

"There's a really unique ecosystem here. It's one of the more complete ecosystem where you have all of the large predators and all the things that come underneath that. A lot of things to value here," said Runnels.

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