Homemade cleaning supplies improve one woman's life


Local Whitefish woman starts making homemade cleaning supplies

WHITEFISH, Mont. - Most people don't know how to say the majority of ingredients in cleaning supplies, and some of those products could be making you ill.

After losing her job in practice management, Laura Blankenship needed to a way to pay the bills. She's a single mom.

"Cleaning houses was a great way to support myself and my daughter. And after about six months of doing that, I had health problems, which the doctors deduced was from using toxic cleaning products," said Blankenship, the CEO of Heaven Scent.

She knew there was something she could do. She started experimenting and making her own household products. She wasn't in love with any of the products, so she stared working with a biochemist.

"Over about two years' time now that we've used in homes for cleaning with, (the products) are better and are healthier for you," said Blankenship.

Blankenship's store is Heaven Scent in Whitefish. She is selling products to various cities across the country.

"We're going into our first large health food store in Santa Monica which is a very green city and we have interest in other health food stores in Washington and further down California," said Blankenship.

According to an article on the Environmental Working Group website, or EWG, California launched an initiative to remove toxic chemicals from consumer products. One example, Johnson and Johnson just stripped their baby products of formaldehyde.

Blankenship thinks her products clean just as well as consumer brands.

"We use a combination of oils in our floor cleaner that stops the growth of MRSA and is antibacterial."

Blankenship says her company is growing 300 percent a year. They are hoping to launch all-natural body products to the line soon.

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