Holiday travelers brave bad roads


KALISPELL, Mont. - Many people are trying to make it home for the holidays, either by flying or driving. This year's winter has put delays on both types of traveling.

According to AAA 94.5 million Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more away from their homesteads for Christmas and New Years this year. This is a six percent increase compared to last year.

One holiday traveler said she is relieved to only be going to Lakeside this year, especially with the awful roads.

"Roads have definitely been worse. I totaled my car this year so far on the roads this year. But, I'm driving a 4-wheel-drive now so I'm a lot less scared to venture out onto the icy roads," said Savannah Balazic-Green.

This year there will be 85.8 million people traveling by car, which is the preferred method for travel this year. This bumps automobile traveling up nine percent compared to car travelers last year.

One person told NBC Montana that he thinks the roads shouldn't be too bad for traveling.

"I don't think so.. we're here in Montana and it snows all the time. That big cold snap we had was pretty bad but it seems like the weather outlook is pretty good. So, I don't think it is going to be too bad," said Erich Knauer. 

This holiday is a record high in traveling, which makes it the fifth consecutive year in increased holiday travel. The dates that are used for the holiday-period are December 21-January 1.

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