Holiday season brings in lots of business for Blacktail Mountain


Blacktail Mountain has holiday season bang

LAKESIDE, Mont. - The snow god's have been good to Blacktail Mountain this holiday season. We're told the local ski hill's on pace to break attendance records, and it's where those skiers and snowboarders are coming from that stands out.

The holiday season's normally a busy time for locals at Blacktail, but this year General Manager Steve Spencer tells NBC Montana the crowd's anything but local.

"Some of the Washington ski areas still aren't open, so I think that we had a lot of Washington people and we also had a lot of Canadians," said Steve Spencer.

Spencer says skiers in Washington and Utah this season have been hurting for snow, but in northwest Montana, it's a commodity.

Even with a later start to the season this year, Blacktail says the holidays were busier than ever.

"We had just an absolute excellent holiday. We haven't tallied up all the numbers yet, but if it's not a record, it's really close to it," says Spencer.

Jessi Wood says even a mid week Christmas and New Years this year weren't enough to slow down the hill's skiing and snowboarding programs.

"The holiday break for school was a little different, so I think that it probably averages out. I think that we may be a little bit ahead," said Jessi Wood.

On Monday, ski hill hours go back to normal schedule.

But Jessi says the start's left Blacktail Mountain feeling pretty good about the rest of the season.

"We've had a really good holiday stretch, right when the snow was getting low, we had a huge dump. So, we're in really good shape up here, coverage is good, people are real happy. Late start but a really busy holiday season so we're in good shape this year."

Blacktail Mountain is now open Wednesday through Sunday from 9:30 to 4:30.

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