High winds hit parts of the Flathead


High winds hit parts of the Flathead

KALISPELL, Mont. - While Kalispell saw mostly snow during Friday's storm, high winds and snow drifts took over most of the canyon area of the Flathead, just north east of Kalispell.

Driving conditions were greatly impacted by this weather on Friday as it decreased visibility so that they could only see just the tail lights of the car in front of them.  Snow was blowing around and it made it difficult for them to see anything other than that.

"I follow the cars in front of me with their lights because it was dark and there was a lot of snow drifting on the ground and blowing," said Patricia James of Columbia Falls.

"I came to work at 5 and there was a lot of blowing snow and snow drifts and coming past plum creek down there, there was a lot of blowing snow and very low visibility," said Monique Province.

Amanda Shafer owns Hungry Horse Espresso.

Shafer got into work early on Friday morning, and knows just how dangerous it was for her and her customers.

"White out conditions up in the canyon and it's been blowing pretty much all day and I think that's been most of the problem," said Shafer.

But some weren't overly concerned with weather, as it's something Montanans are prepared to endure.

"I've lived here for a long time so you get pretty accustomed to preparing for the weather and keeping up with the news and knowing what's waiting for you out there so a little nervous of course as always be on your guard and watch everything from where you're at," said Province.

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