Heavy rains, snow melt cause problems in Glacier


KALISPELL, Mont. - In Glacier National Park, roads and campgrounds are beginning to open, but spring conditions have officials urging visitors to use caution.

Saturday a fast-moving stream and a plugged culvert caused rocks and debris to cover Going-to-the-Sun Road along Lake McDonald. The road has been cleared and is open all the way to the Avalanche parking area; beyond that, plow crews are still working at the snow.

Park officials want to make sure visitors know that there is still a lot of cold water and deep snow in the park, and visitors need to be prepared.

"If you're hiking where there's snow, always be careful what you're stepping on, make sure you're not out on a cornice. if you hear some muffled sounds of water underneath the snow it could be a moat, you could easily step through the snow and into the water, so always be aware of your surroundings," said Denise Germann, public affairs officer for Glacier National Park.

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