Heating repair calls on the rise


KALISPELL, Mont. - Need some furnace repairs?

Get in line because the cold weather has created an overload for heating repair technicians.

We made calls to several businesses, all of which tell us they're slammed with calls from customers looking for help at home and in their businesses.

We caught up with a tech in Kalispell today as he worked on a boiler.

He tells us the past week has been one of the busiest in quite some time.

"There's a lot of no heat calls that we've been getting in due to the very cold weather that we've been having," said Rory Madderom, a technician for AirWorks cooling and ehating solutions in Kalispell.  "Not too uncommon to see the amounts of calls that we've been seeing so just get out there and try and keep up with them all."

Madderom expects the heavy call load to continue through this stretch of cold weather.

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