'Grizzly Brothers' share passion for wildlife photography


Grizzly Brothers share hobby with world

LAKESIDE, Mont. - The Rubbert brothers of Flathead County have made their passion for photography more than just a hobby. They told NBC Montana what they plan to do with the thousands of pictures they have archived.

Tim and Terry Rubbert make a dynamic duo. Terry remembers the moment when he caught the family bug.

"We thought it was cross-country skiers coming at us, and we get closer and it was a moose walking right down the road coming right at us, and I said, 'Wow, Tim, we've got to film this.' I had my video camera with me. We started filming it and it was a great experience and I said ‘You know what Tim, I've got to come out here and start filming with you,'" said Terry Rubbert.

The Rubbert brothers grew up in Minnesota always loving the outdoors. Tim was the first to get involved in capturing pictures of grizzly bears and wildlife. That was 30 years ago, and now he's excited to share his life's work.

"People aren't able to see what we have been able to see in the past, and to have future generations enjoy and gain knowledge from what we've been able to do is really important," said Tim Rubbert.

The next plan is to start making educational videos. The brothers have already started to combine their work to make these videos.

"Trying to educate people on one, what an important place we live in and two, what really beautiful animals we have in this wilderness area," said Tim.

Talking with the brothers, you can see the passion in their eyes. This pair works so well together because they each take different roles. Tim takes pictures, while Terry shoots and edits the videos.

"Get the material, and then to make sense out of it and then to share it with other people. I think that's the greatest job there is in the world," said Terry.

It doesn't hurt that they get to share their hobby with each other and now with others.

The Rubbert brothers are collecting more footage and are out shooting almost every day. Terry is hoping to develop 200 educational videos throughout the next few years.

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