Great horned owl released in the Flathead


Flathead owl to be released back into the wild

Creston, Mont. - Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center volunteers and representatives from the Flathead County Sheriff's Office were on hand Friday afternoon for the release of a Great Horned Owl that was rescued on New Year's Day and rehabilitated.

The owl was discovered by a sheriff's deputy along the side of Highway 35 in Creston on new years day. It was captured by Flathead Sheriff's Animal Control Officer Carisa Horner who brought the bird to Montana Wild Wings Recovery Center where Kari Gabriel and other volunteers nursed it back to health.

Friday, Hoerner had the opportunity to release the owl that she helped rescue as a small crowd looked on. The owl was eager to take flight, circling a field and coming to rest on a fence post for a time before flying off again.

"It appeared to be stunned, couldn't see any apparent injuries as far as abrasions or anything like that, it was just stunned, sitting huddled on the side of the road and not wanting to move. So, most likely it was hit by a car or something like that," says Hoerner.


Hoerner went on to tell us that it isn't very often she gets called for an injured bird, and it's very rare that she gets to see a recovery with such a good outcome.

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