Graham lies, comes clean in interrogation recordings


Graham lies, comes clean in interrogation recordings

MISSOULA, Mont. - Friday afternoon NBC Montana obtained video and audio interviews between Jordan Linn Graham and investigators.

It is a first look at what happened in the days after her husband Cody Lee Johnson's death.

After four days of trial, Graham pleaded guilty to second degree murder and the U.S. Government agreed to drop two other charges of first degree murder and lying to authorities.

Graham admitted to pushing Johnson off a cliff in Glacier National Park in July. But the recordings show she wasn't initially honest to police.

Tell me "what you know about last time you talked to your husband, what's going on as far as where he might have gone or who he might be with," asked Sgt. Chad Zimmerman with the Kalispell Police Department. Click here to view the full interview.

"I got a message saying he was going to go for a ride with some of his out of town buddies who are visiting, and they're from Washington, so my guess is Spokane or Seattle," Graham answered in an interview at the police station on July 9, just two days after Johnson was reported missing.

Then the next day on July 10, Graham told the same story to Detective Cory Clarke and Melissa Smith.

"So he walked out, made a call, or something," Graham said. "I don't know if he made a call he was in the garage then I got a text saying he was gone and then he left."

In that same interview on July 10, Graham brought up an email from someone named "Tony" telling her Johnson was dead and to call off the cops.

"Seems kind of sketchy," said Detective Clarke.

That concerning message was later traced back to a computer at Graham's parents' home in Kalispell; Graham sent it to herself.

Later in the interview Graham cries, her mother who was temporarily in the room comforted here.

"I just want to go," Graham said.

Finally before Graham left the interview room she turned over her phone to be searched and was read her Miranda Rights.

It wasn't until after Johnson's body was recovered on July 11, that the FBI interviewed Graham. July 16, Agent Stacey Smiedala got Graham to confess. Click here or here for the full interview.

"He went to grab my arm, and my jacket and I said no, I'm not going to let this happen this time, I'm going to defend myself," Graham said. "So I kind of let go and I pushed and he went over, and then I took off…"

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