Glacier Park sees visitation boost


GLACIER NATIONAL PARK - Glacier National Park saw had a banner year in 2012, as park visitation rose by nearly 13 percent over 2011, according to National Park Service data. That makes 2012 one of the best years on record for the park. The park had 2,162,034 visitors come though, many of whom used the park's west entrance.

The St. Mary's area of the park saw the largest increase in popularity, with a 34 percent increase in visitors. The increase in visitors led to an uptick in overnight stays, as hotel stays saw a more than 22 percent increase.

NBC Montana caught up with the folks at the Montana House shop in Apgar, and they reported an increase in business in 2012 over 2011.

"When the park visitation goes up, not only myself, but all businesses in or close to the park are affected in a positive way, especially on the west side," said owner Monica Jungster.

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